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Bath Soak - Recovery and Recoup

Recover and Recoup after a tough workout or a physically demanding day at work.
Our bath soak features arnica, turmeric and ginger root. All marinating with a clear quartz stone.
Spend 20 mins in a hot bath to let herbal blend work it’s magic and after a good nights sleep you’ll be ready for round two!

Caution: Hot or warm baths should not be used by people with certain medical conditions, except on the advice of a physician (including pregnant or breastfeeding women). Keep out of reach of children.

The Salts & Minerals

Pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salts and Baking soda

The Botanicals 

Arnica flower, turmeric and ginger root 

The Essential Oils

Australian eucalyptus, Lavender, Wintergreen 

The Crystal

Tumbled Clear quartz 

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