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Midnight Sun Oracle

Welcome to the enchanting world of Midsummer magic! The Midnight Sun Oracle is a unique, culturally inspired deck with themes derived from the Swedish Midsummer celebration, also known as Litha in the pagan wheel of the year. This festival is a time for families, friends and communities to come together and celebrate the summer solstice with love, play, happiness and joy.

This beautifully illustrated deck features stunning imagery that captures the essence of Midsummer. The cards are designed to bring you the messages, symbols and rituals associated with the festival, offering energy and inspiration through the love and light of of Litha. Whether you are new to the festival or have celebrated it for years, the Midnight Sun Oracle invites you to tap into the enchanting power of this beautiful season and reconnect with the meaning of the tradition. With the Midnight Sun Oracle, you can bring the magic of Midsummer into your life and experience the love and joy of this special time of year.

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