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The Raven : Message From Spirit - Pillar Prayer Candle

Introducing our Raven Pillar Prayer Candle, a captivating fusion of mystique, magic, and spiritual reverence. Inspired by the enigmatic nature of the raven, revered across cultures as a symbol of wisdom, insight, and transformation, this candle embodies the essence of the mystical bird.

Each candle is meticulously dressed with hand-selected herbs and crystals, chosen to resonate with the deep spiritual significance of the raven. Adorned with fragrant notes of creamy wood and sweet musk, the air is suffused with an intoxicating aroma that envelops your senses, creating an ambiance of tranquility and sacredness.

As the flame dances upon the wick, it casts a gentle glow that illuminates your sacred space, inviting introspection, meditation, and prayer. Whether you seek guidance, transformation, or connection with the spiritual realm, the Raven Pillar Prayer Candle serves as a beacon of light and wisdom on your journey.

Embrace the mystical energy of the raven and let its profound symbolism guide you through the depths of your soul. Illuminate your path with the Raven Pillar Prayer Candle and awaken the magic within.

Fragrance is creamy woods, sandalwood and sweet musk

Vegan soy wax. Canadian made with organic and wildcrafted herbs.

*We highly recommend removing the floral dressings and crystal from the candle to provide the best burn*


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