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Crystal/Stone Obelisk

Crystal/Stone Obelisk

Egyptians worshiped the sun, among many other gods, and the obelisk was an important symbol in their worship. These ancient pagan peoples often ascribed powers to symbols, particularly regarding fertility, abundant crops, healing and various magical powers. The obelisk, a phallic symbol in the form of a tall pointed spire, became an almost universal religious symbol spanning many cultures in ancient times.

The obelisk does just what you would imagine: it concentrates the energy of the crystal and radiates out from the top. Smaller obelisks can be held like a wand and be used to direct energy to a specific part of the body, room, workspace, or really anywhere you want.

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Flourite Point Obelisk


Howlite Polished Point


Aquamarine Obelisk


Orange Calcite Top Polished


Snowflake Obsidian Point - Obelisk


Onyx Point - Obelisk


Smokey Quartz Point - Obelisk


Emerald Obelisk


Serpentine Polished Point


Rainbow Obsidian Point - Obelisk


Septerian Point - Obelisks


Angel Aura Quartz Point Obelisk


Champagne Aura Point Obelisk


Aqua Aura Point Obelisk


Trollite Obelisk


Snow White Agate Obelisk


Rose Quartz Obelisk - X-Large


Caribbean Calcite Obelisk - Large


Flower Agate Obelisk - Medium


Sunstone Obelisk


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