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Quartz with Green Tourmaline Small - Raw

Amplify your psychic abilities – The psychic abilities are a natural and powerful gift. By using green tourmaline in quartz you can increase your psychic powers and abilities which play a significant role in the spiritual world. Learning and Illumination – Start walking on the path of purity and enlightenment by using this outstanding stone! Instilling a clear and straightforward thought procedure in its user, this stone aids in learning the mysteries of spiritual world in a clearer manner. Protects your spirit – In order to augment your knowledge in spirituality, it is vital to keep a control upon your own spirit. You need to protect it from psychic attacks and negativity of any kind. Green tourmaline in quartz provides essential protection to your spirit. Get purification – Leaning and understanding spirituality is impossible without a pure body, mind and soul. The green tourmaline in quartz help you purify from within. It gives you the crucial energies and capability to get purified so that understanding spiritualism becomes easy for you. Helps in achieving universal life force – Tourmalines are a great medium of universal life force which is essential in every course of life. This force gives us the strong will power and energy which is required in almost every task we do. By simply placing a crystal of green tourmaline in quartz you can improve the flow of universal life force at your place. Brings wood elemental energy - Invite wood elemental energy by using green tourmaline in quartz. It will help you connect and know your family, ancestors, and community as well. Adds energy to your spiritual efforts – If you are keen on learning and understanding spirituality, this stone will provide you with the proper energies so that your efforts get stronger and firm.

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