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Black Magick Drawing Salve

Uses: Drawing Salve. Pulls Infections From Wounds. Removes Splinters and Slivers. Drains Boils and Cysts. Great For Acne. Removes Inflammation. Bug Bites and Stings. Ingrown Hair.

Drawing salves have been used since ancient times, especially the Amish community to draw out splinters, boils, pieces of glass, etc. The Black Magic Drawing Salve contains a mixture of herbs, oils, and activated charcoal, which are known to draw out toxins and other foreign material stuck in the skin. 

Works amazing for bee stings, bug bites, cysts, ingrown hair and toenails, acne, and infections. 

Apply to skin and wait for the magic to happen. 

**Unfortunately due to our hot summers our balms, salves + solid perfumes do not ship well because they could melt. We encourage you to come in to purchase these items over the summer if you can** 


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