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Blast from the Past: Healing Spontaneous Past Life Memories

Remember Past Lives and Heal Trauma Without a Regression Session

Like many people all over the world, you have probably experienced Supretrovie― spontaneous past life recall―and perhaps not even realized it. Now you can turn that experience into an opportunity for transformative healing using this book's impressive collection of research, case studies, and hands-on exercises.

Sudden sickness when visiting a specific location, bad vibes when boarding a ship, and unexplainable emotions when meeting someone new are classic examples of Supretrovie. Blast from the Past shows you how to identify when it happens and use it to explore your previous lives without a regression session. Shelley A. Kaehr, PhD, teaches you how to use gemstones, journaling, and travel to induce past life recall, and she helps you recognize others on a soul level. You'll also learn to cut ties to harmful former lives, resolve lingering trauma, and more.

Paperback, 208 pages

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