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Carnelian (Medium) - Smooth

Spiritual Healing Properties

Carnelian has a soothing and warm grounding energy that makes us feel safe and loved. It helps us to understand the circle of life and release all fear of death and the unknown. Carnelian is a highly protective stone and cleanses the energy of everything that it comes in contact with. This cleansing energy then in turn attracts abundance, prosperity, and all good things.

Metaphysical Properties Carnelian
Chakra Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus
Element Fire
Numerology 5 and 6
Zodiac Taurus, Cancer and Leo

Emotional Healing Properties

Carnelian evokes the essence of “home” – that place where we can be ourselves and be loved for who we are. It encourages us to find the community of friends and family that will support us in our growth and that we in turn can serve. Carnelian brings courage and eliminates fear, especially the kind of fear that paralyses us from taking action. Instead it insists that we help others and stand up for just causes. Carnelian helps to heal emotional trauma caused by abuse and to help us be willing to be vulnerable again with people who are good and kind. It helps to protect us from anger, envy, and other negative emotions and encourages us to feel centered and happy.

Mental Healing Properties

Carnelian is a stone of action which teaches us to work for our dreams and not just wait for them to manifest. It clears up confusion and helps us to make decisions swiftly and correctly. Carnelian also helps us to embrace change and be truly open to positive transformations in ourselves and in our lives. Carnelian stimulates our logic, our pragmatic common sense, and our creativity, a combination which makes it a potent talisman for bringing financial success to those in the creative arts.

Physical Healing Properties

Carnelian is recommended when we want to bring the body back into vibrant health. It acts as a ray of sunshine that makes us feel confident and excited about life. Carnelian can also help us to break addictive habits, particularly alcohol and drug abuse. It reminds us that the opposite of addiction is connection, and that facing our problems is always smarter than hiding from them. Carnelian helps us to “come home” to ourselves and to the people who love us. Carnelian is an excellent talisman for any issues affecting the spleen, kidneys, pancreas, intestines and the reproductive system. It is also a comforting talisman to hold when we need to pass a kidney stone.

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