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Dark School : Mark of the Adept

Reality has undergone a serious shift and the laws of nature are compromised. Reports of widespread hallucinations are publicized over social media. Nightmares no longer remain confined to dreams. Visions of out worldly beings drifting into the physical realm causes mass hysteria. 


Strange and unexplainable phenomena becomes common at adepts emerge to combat the invasion. Society has permanently changed and will never return to what it was. A new order rises and you must either rise with it or be crushed. How will you establish yourself? Will you make a move for power and wealth? Become a leader conquering your enemies? Will you dive into the breach and discover the sources of these disturbances?


Open the book. Read the Words. Choose your path. 


The earth's fate and your destiny are now intertwined. 

** Purely Wicked was so happy to have Matti Silver as a vendor at this years (2023) Hexes and Jinxes Market. With the support of the community he almost completely sold out! We are proud to now carry his works in the shop.


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