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Dark School : Path of the Neophyte

YOU have been chosen.


This is your informal invitation to take up residence with the Dark School and discover curious sciences and occult arts.


The powers you develop are limited only by your imagination. Command over the weather, speaking to the dead, influence over the flow of time and binding beings from other dimensions will become for you a daily ocurance. But to keep control over the power you obtain will require focus, dedication and sacrifice. 


In this world there are only masters and servants. Only the worthy enter and survive. Prove yourself. Stand on the shoulders of legends. Learn from the failures of your ancestors and reclaim the Great Work.

** Purely Wicked was so happy to have Matti Silver as a vendor at this years (2023) Hexes and Jinxes Market. With the support of the community he almost completely sold out! We are proud to now carry his works in the shop.


Look for his other titles 

Dark School

Dark School : Mark of the Adept

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