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Divine Codes Oracle: Activating, loving, safe, truthful and divinely guided

The Divine Codes Oracle is a powerful deck that invites you to delve into the realm of love and divine guidance. Designed to activate, love, protect, and guide you on your journey, this oracle deck serves as a conduit for higher wisdom and spiritual connection. Each card within the deck carries a unique energy, attuning to your individual needs and providing the messages and insights that resonate with your soul.

With its rich symbolism and intuitive artwork, the 
Divine Codes Oracle encompasses the energies of Mary Magdalene, Isis, and Sophia, calling upon their divine wisdom to support your spiritual growth and healing. As you use the deck, you become an embodiment of love, anchoring its frequencies into the Earth plane and spreading its transformative power to those who seek it.

Divine Codes Oracle is a source of inspiration, offering profound insights, healing, and a deeper connection to the realms of love and spirituality. It is a powerful companion for anyone seeking guidance, clarity, and empowerment on their soul’s journey. This deck is not only a tool for self-discovery, but also a beautiful addition to your sacred space.

46 Full-Color Cards and 72-Page Guidebook

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