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Florida Water 3oz

Florida Water is a traditional potion for cleansing, blessing and protection. The combination of essential oils, will increase the vibrations of everything it touches and repeal benevolent spirits and harmful energies. Florida Water is wearable magick, use it as a cologne to increase energy, luck, magickal powers and psychic ability. It will untie unhealthy energic cords that have attached to your aura. Anoint the seven chakras to stimulate the energy centers of the body. Other uses include, anoint stones, crystals and jewelry to clear and reprogram them. Use in baths, floor washes and room spray to spiritual cleanse your body and home.

Made in house here at Purely Wicked using the most magickal ingredients.

Made during the full moon phase with our full moon charged alcohol and waters.

Ingredients: Full moon charged alcohol, witch hazel, a proprietary blend of all natural essential oils, including but not exclusive to bergamot, lemon, blood orange, clove and lavender essential oils, infused with a clear quartz point in every bottle.

Made in house by the Purely Wicked Witches.

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