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Forgotten Ghosts

Vianna has finally stopped running from her legacy, but she refuses to be a part of Salem's daily drama. Instead, she's content to work in her garden, bond with the family familiar, and make candles. Unfortunately for her, a town steeped in magic-charged traditions won't let a legacy witch stay on the sidelines.

When her childhood friend reaches out about ghostly encounters in the tunnels that run below his hoodoo shop, Vianna and roommate bestie Dee agree to poke around. But they're not the only ones on the case. Bossy detective Elliott insists they combine their efforts, despite centuries of mistrust between law enforcement and the craft.

Down in the tunnels, their unlikely trio entangles with a team of ghost hunters-which can't be a coincidence. In order to find out what the ghosts want, she'll have to learn to trust her new alliances and the magic within her.

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