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Aventurine Happy Buddha

Approx 1" x 1"

Spiritual Healing Properties

Green Aventurine is a stone of freedom and good fortune. It is a brave companion that joins us in our quest to be free of anything that limits our joy and growth. It encourages us to live in full integrity where our “walk” matches our “talk.” Green Aventurine helps us to become fully present and alive in the NOW. It asks us to trust ourselves to handle the future as it comes and to let go of any regrets about the past that we can’t change in the present. When used in meditation, Green Aventurine’s present-focused energy can helps us to find and maintain the peacefully state of “no mind.” Green Aventurine is a lucky stone which attracts financial prosperity, good friends and happy encounters. Its friendly energy likewise attracts nature spirits, both in the wild and in gardens.

Metaphysical Properties Green Aventurine
Chakra Heart and Solar Plexus
Element Earth and Water
Numerology 3
Zodiac Aries

Emotional Healing Properties

Green Aventurine urges us to live from a heart-centered place and to be confident about the future. It is a stone of action yet also of patience, it helps us to channel our passions in constructive ways and to acknowledge incremental progress. It can help us calmly deal with difficult emotional situations and to make choices that will best serve ourselves and others. Green Aventurine combats depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions, replacing them with self-confidence and hope. There is a delightful lightness to Green Aventurine’s energy, helping us see the humor in any situation and to look on the bright side of life. It attracts true friends, comrades who can join us on life’s great journey.

Mental Healing Properties

Green Aventurine provides us with the confidence we need to handle new situations, such as changing jobs, schools, or homes. It reminds us that we are fully capable of, and can be successful at, anything we put our minds to. It is particularly useful when dealing with changes due to aging, whether from child to adolescence and maturity, or becoming an elder. Green Aventurine helps us to see how each phase of life is beautiful and full of positive meanings. It encourages us to see life as an adventure and ourselves as pioneers. Green Aventurine also amplifies our leadership abilities and our ability to act decisively.

Physical Healing Properties

Green Aventurine is recommended for infants, children, the elderly and anyone who is more physically fragile. If we have suffered from a minor injury, Green Aventurine gives us loving comfort, much like a kiss after a boo-boo. If we are faced with a major injury or illness, Green Aventurine gives us vast reserves of courage to face the challenge head-on. It is an excellent talisman to work with during rehab or when we are recovering our physical strength and vitality. Green Aventurine is also a powerful talisman for the physical heart.

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