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Goddess Pillar - Morrigan

Introducing our Morrigan Pillar Prayer Candle, a potent homage to the Celtic goddess of sovereignty, prophecy, and battle. Infused with the enigmatic essence of Morrigan, this candle embodies the fierce spirit of transformation and protection, guiding you through life's challenges with courage and resilience.

Each candle is meticulously dressed with hand-selected herbs and crystals, resonating with the ancient wisdom and mystical energies associated with Morrigan. Adorned with the fragrant blend of cypress and cedarwood, the air is imbued with a haunting aroma that evokes the sacred forests where Morrigan's presence is felt most profoundly.

As the flame dances atop the wick, it casts a mesmerizing glow that illuminates your sacred space, invoking a sense of empowerment and clarity. Whether you seek strength in times of adversity, guidance on your path, or protection from negative energies, the Morrigan Pillar Prayer Candle serves as a steadfast companion on your journey.

Embrace the primal energy of Morrigan and let her fierce grace fortify your spirit and empower your soul. Illuminate your path with the Morrigan Pillar Prayer Candle and awaken the warrior within.

Fragrance is Cypress and Cedarwood.

Vegan soy wax. Canadian made with organic and wildcrafted herbs.

*We highly recommend removing the floral dressings and crystal from the candle to provide the best burn*

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