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Goddess Within Oracle

A barefoot maiden whispers of magic beneath the slender moon, a wizened crone prepares healing herbs in a woodland cottage, and an anointed priestess lights a candle to begin her temple ritual. The energy of the Goddess is with them all. Place your feet firmly on the earth, breathe into your bold and gracious heart, and feel her rise within you.

This oracle is dedicated to returning power to the feminine, unlocking her wild soul, and honoring her in all aspects. The messages and imagery speak to everyone who wants to unite with their divinity.

Activate the Divine Feminine with mythology, card layouts, and transformative insights to receive direct messages from Persephone, Durga, Lilith, and other deities from around the world. Embrace and embody the Divine Feminine, and realize the love, support, and guidance within you, now and forever.

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