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Jet - " The Witches Stone"

Jet makes a powerful amulet for protection. It has been called the witches stone allowing activation of the powers of magic and interaction with the forces of the elements. It helps to draw upon earth energies and to channel that powerful flow. Jet is a neutralizer of negative energies, clearing ones field of disharmonious vibrations.

Jet is a stone for Old Souls, those individuals who are born with an innate wisdom and common sense that transcends their actual age. However, it also helps cultivate these traits in the Young Souls, those who are still at the beginning of their spiritual journey. Jet offers protection during psychic travel and spiritual rituals, and can be used to keep the Dark Forces at bay. It awakens the Kundalini serpent and Shakti energy, and encourages this fiery power to move upward towards the crown and lead us to Enlightenment. It helps us to recognize our own unique brand of magic and to use it for the benefit of both our spiritual and earthly life.

Jet is a rare organic gem created by a combination of biological and geological processes.  It was originally an evergreen tree that lived millions of years ago, that decomposed under high pressures.  While Petrified Wood literally crystalizes, Jet does not.  Instead, it becomes a mineraloid, a mineral-like substance, but not an actual mineral.  Jet is a type of low-ranking coal, similar to the ligmite coal that fuels electric power plants.  But unlike other varieties of coal, it can take a beautiful polish and is easy to carve making it one of the earliest stones used in jewelry.  Jet is a soothing stone for anyone who is grieving.  Its energy helps us to be kinder to our broken heart and to find stability again.

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