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Large Selenite Cube - 2.5 "

2.5 inches cubed

Spiritual Healing Properties

Selenite has an exceptionally high and pure vibration, which promotes super-consciousness. It connects us with our Highest Self, our Spirit Guides, and lights up the mystical pathway between ourselves and the Divine. Selenite can be used to access past lives – as long as our purpose is to seek healing and completion, not just simple entertainment. Selenite propels us forward, continually asking us to become the brilliant and vibrant person we are capable of becoming. It can be used to clear our aura, chakras, and other energy fields and is an excellent tool for scrying, meditation and indoor grids.  Selenite is a wonderful crystal ally for strengthening positive affirmations and manifestation.  It helps us to see our goals as clearly as possible and to frame them using positive language, such as “I will” and “I want to” rather than in negative terms, like “I won’t” or “I don’t want”.  Selenite reminds us that we are worthy, beloved children of God.

Metaphysical Properties Selenite
Chakra Third Eye, Crown
Element Wind
Numerology 8
Zodiac Taurus

Emotional Healing Properties

Selenite has a calm and wonderfully peaceful energy. It invites us to step into a bright new future and leave the past behind us. It can help us to overcome feelings of being stuck in a rut, or afraid to try new things. Selenite creates a protective and inspiring vibration field around us, so that we feel both safe and curious. Selenite also sings of pure, true love, without any limitations or conditions. This is LOVE at its highest level. Selenite shows us that such love is possible and something that we should strive for in all of our relationships.  It is especially good at helping us to release old emotional beliefs that make us feel sad, anxious, or unworthy.  It helps us to recognize that the old programming is neither truthful nor useful.  It invites us to consider new beliefs about ourselves that are honest, happy and hopeful.

Mental Healing Properties

Selenite aids discernment, helping us to swiftly analyze situations and people and to see both the superficial surface level, as well as deeper truths. It is a stone of Justice and Truth, one in which the spirit of the law is often more important than the letter of the law. Selenite is an advocacy stone for people who have been let down by the judicial system. It illuminates other potential paths forward for personal and societal peace. Selenite encourages compassion, but also shines a bright light on the mental blocks and privileges which allow good intentions to have disastrous results. Selenite asks us to think as clearly and purely as possible, assessing all sides and doing right by all.

Physical Healing Properties

Selenite is recommended for alternative healers who want to direct good energy into the body.  It can also be used like an energetic hose to fill the body with sparkly pure high-vibrational energy so we feel clean, peaceful and hopeful. It is a lovely tool for mothers with infants who want to make sure their baby gets all the nutrition it needs, whether from the breast or a bottle.  Selenite can also be used as a energetic laser to break up dangerous blocks and cut away harmful growths such as cancer.  When used in this way, however, it is important that energy work is done in tandem with conventional medicine.  Selenite’s energy is protective and so it asks us to make wise choices whenever our body needs medical attention.  It is an excellent talisman for the spine and is highly recommended for anyone working on improving flexibility.  It is also a sweet talisman for anyone suffering from epileptic seizures.

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