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Medusa FootClothes x Hagborn Collab Socks

Medusa is our second collaboration with Lo at Hagborn Trade. Hagborn Trade is a woman/minority owned witchy independent design service that promotes the merging of antique, occult, & arcane styles of design while elevating community cultural expression, skills, & wellness Turns out we share a similar hobby of turning men to stone when we look at them, so naturally, we decided this sock would be an appropriate one to make. PLEASE BE CAREFUL when gifting this sock to men. 5% of profits will be donated to here in Denver, CO:  AT THE BLUE BENCH, OUR MISSION IS TO ELIMINATE SEXUAL ASSAULT AND DIMINISH THE IMPACT IT HAS ON INDIVIDUALS, THEIR LOVED ONES AND OUR COMMUNITY THROUGH COMPREHENSIVE ISSUE ADVOCACY, PREVENTION AND CARE.

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