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Morrigan War Goddess Statue

Morrigan, a deity deeply entrenched in Celtic mythology, embodies the essence of sovereignty, war, fate, and prophecy. Often depicted as a triple goddess, she possesses a multifaceted nature that encompasses both nurturing and destructive aspects. In her guise as the Washer at the Ford, she foretells doom to those who encounter her, while as the Phantom Queen, she guides warriors into battle and oversees their fate. Morrigan's association with sovereignty links her to the land and its rulers, symbolizing the cyclical nature of power, death, and rebirth. Adorned in the feathers of crows or ravens, she is both a harbinger of war and a guardian of the natural world. Morrigan's enigmatic presence evokes reverence and fear, embodying the complexities of life, death, and the eternal struggle between opposing forces.

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