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Pillar Prayer Candle - Love and Attraction

Our 7 day ritual prayer candles are made with a magical collaboration of ingredients. Each candle is made of hand-poured and infused with magic within our circle. The the candle is dressed with a ritually-made oil, herb blend, crystals, mineral glitter, and fixed with magic. You can charge it yourself to add to the magic.

Choose this candle to work on loving every bit of yourself and manifesting attraction and positivity in life and the rest shall come. Fragranced in bouquets of roses and dewy hibiscus flowers with hints of jasmine flowers and star gazer Lilies. These are mother natures love power house flowers to bring you joy and love into your space.

Vegan soy wax. Canadian made with organic and wildcrafted herbs.

*We highly recommend removing the floral dressings and crystal from the candle to provide the best burn*

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