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Ritual Anointing Oil - Return To Sender

Introducing our "Reversal of Fortune Ritual Oil" ✨🔮

Crafted with utmost precision and intention, our Return to Sender (Reversal of Fortune)  Ritual Oil is your protective shield against negative energy and ill intentions. When hexes, curses, or ill will are sent your way, this potent blend, infused with clary sage, vetiver, black pepper, bay leaves, and cedar, becomes your guardian.

🌿 Clary sage purifies and clears your aura, dispelling negativity.
🌾 Vetiver anchors you firmly in your own energy, deflecting external harm.
🌶️ Black pepper adds a fiery barrier to repel negative forces.
🍃 Bay leaves offer protection and banish harmful intentions.
🌲 Cedar creates a powerful shield, guarding against ill will.

Whether anointing yourself or consecrating candles for your protective rituals, the Reversal of Fortune Ritual Oil empowers you to return negative energy to its source, ensuring your well-being and peace of mind.

Take control of your destiny and let this enchanting oil be your guide in reclaiming your serenity. 🕯️🔒🌟

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