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Ritual Baths For Beginners

Cultivate Your Desires and Harness Your Inner Power with Ritual Baths Ritual baths aren?t just a way to bring about things you desire; they?re for connecting with the divine, creating a space for change, and moving your energy toward new opportunities in life. Water is a natural healer, and by harnessing its properties you can let go of past experiences, transform your thoughts, and cultivate positive attraction. Pair your ritual baths with botanical bundles, dried herbs, and incense for the perfect energetic cleansing. Discover some of the easiest and most powerful ritual baths, such as: + Crown of Success Bath for confidence, attracting abundance, and good luck + Passionflower Lovers Bath for reducing anxiety and soothing the nervous system + Psychic Attack Head Bath for psychic self-defense and protection + Communication Bath for better communication and stronger connections + Waning Moon Bath for fully letting go and moving forward + Creativity and Inspiration Bath for gaining perspective and feeling rejuvenated Don?t be intimidated, beginner witches! Your own bath can be easily turned into a sacred space. Ally Sands shows you how to prepare, how often to practice, and all of the steps needed to manifest your intentions. Water is the source of life itself? unleash its power.

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