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Self-Love Potions

This is a beautiful book filled with stunning illustrations, rituals and potions to help you boost wellbeing and fall in love with yourself through the power of magick!

Self-Love Potions is bursting with glorious herbal recipes and rituals to help you make the most of your me time. You deserve it!

Beautiful illustrations can be found throughout this sumptuous title, which is packed with ideas from talented moon witch Valeria Kapusta (@cosmicvaleria) to help you mindfully explore your craft.

With recipes ranging from 
teastincturesoils and tonics, to bath mixes and fragrances, it is the the perfect gift to give, either to yourself or a loved one!

Recipes include:
  • Heart-soothing lilac-infused honey to ease heartbreak, 
  • Energy cleansing empath bath, 
  • Thyme infusions for courage and self-confidence
  • Dandelion bath salt for inner joy
  • Floral hair rinse to remove creative blocks
  • Violet infused sugar to sweeten gloomy days

Develop your self-love practice, enhance your wellbeing, and 
connect with yourself and nature with this gorgeous, herby handbook.

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