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The Rabbit - Pillar Prayer Candle

🐇✨ Embrace the transformative energy of the Rabbit with our new prayer pillar candle, a conduit to the spirit of abundance, intuition, and positive transformation. We have collaborated with our friend Ally at Occult Inks to design the label for us! 🌿🔮 Infused with the harmonious scents of citrus, sage, and amber, this candle is a sensory journey into the realm of spiritual insight. Adorned with a clear quartz point and fragrant herbs, let the Rabbit guide you on a path of prosperity and inner wisdom. 🕯️🌟 

Vegan soy wax. Canadian made with organic and wildcrafted herbs. Phalate free fragrances

Fragrance is citrus and sage 

*We highly recommend removing the floral dressings and crystal from the candle to provide the best burn*

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