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The Toad : Message from Spirit - Pillar Prayer Candle

🐸✨ Step into the mystical realm of the Toad, with our newest prayer pillar candle. Ignite the flame of your spiritual journey as the calming aroma of sandalwood envelops your space, guiding you towards tranquility and inner peace. Let the gentle flicker of the candle illuminate your path as you connect with the ancient wisdom of the Toad, inviting good luck, fortune, and transformation into your life. Embrace the sacred ritual of prayer with this enchanting candle, as it facilitates a deeper connection with the spiritual realm and invites divine blessings into your life.

Made in collaboration with Ally from Occult Inks, the label is an original art piece that Ally created from scratch, giving you a truly unique and magical candle. In addition, each pillar is dressed with hand-picked herbs and crystals that resonate with the spiritual significance of the Toad. Infused with the rich, woody notes of sandalwood, this prayer pillar candle fills your space with a warm, comforting fragrance that soothes the soul.

Just as the toad undergoes change from tadpole to adult, its energy encourages us to embrace transformation and grow from life’s challenges. Additionally, in several cultures the Toad is seen as a token of good luck and fortune, and invites positivity in all aspects of life.

*We recommend taking all herbs and crystals off the top before burning.*

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