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The Wiccan Guide to Self-Care

This empowering book gives readers all the tools they need to improve their own mental health the Wiccan way, written by a qualified psychotherapist and practising Wiccan, Marie Bruce.

Exploring topics such as life spirals, world views, depression, insomnia, grief, trauma, burn-out, relationships, happiness, achievement, goal-setting and so much more, this guide includes spells and rituals to help the reader take a more proactive approach to self-care.

In addition to the benefits for mental health, Marie gives us her spells for pampering, such as beauty and bath rituals, meditations for relaxation and even dream incubation spells for additional self-care!

Whether you're a practicing Wiccan or are curious how its practices can benefit your mental health, this book is a wonderful companion on your journey to health and happiness.

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