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The Witch Handbook To Magic and Mayham

Five sisters share one business like no other. Warded by fae magic, this shop’s inventory shifts to meet the needs of its customers, summoning the sister whose expertise is required.

Lily behind the counter, it’s a candle boutique. Aster manages the bookstore. Crystals are Iris’s specialty. Fern sells flowers and herbs. And Daisy tends to the apothecary and oils.

It’s a seamless system until a particularly perplexing customer crosses the threshold and causes the store’s magic to go haywire. As it spastically shifts between facades, one thing becomes obvious: it’s up to the “flower girls” to save this handsome stranger from the ominous threat closing in, if they hope to regain control of their magical shop again.

“Thanks for shopping, and remember… Practice safe hex!”

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