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Tourmaline Bracelet

Tourmaline is a stone of balance, helping us to live in true harmony within our own body, mind, heart, and spirit. It inspires us to be fully honest and authentic in how we express ourselves, both verbally and in action.  This honest expression in turn leads to a feeling of greater freedom in every area of our lives. The more we live in harmony with ourselves, the wiser and happier we become, and thus more able to be of assistance to others. Tourmaline helps balance all energetic fields, including the Chakra System.

Metaphysical Properties Tourmaline
Chakra Root and Heart
Element Water and Earth
Numerology 2 and 8
Zodiac Libra and Gemini

Emotional Healing Properties

Tourmaline reduces fear and the feeling of being un-grounded, replaces those negative feelings with greater self-confidence and positivity. It is a wonderful stone to help us let go of victim mentality and move forward after emotional trauma.  It also encourages us to be more curious in general, and more willing to explore the root of our emotions in particular. As we learn more, we gain greater control over our emotions and become increasingly compassionate and capable of self-love. Tourmaline also helps balance the male/female sides of our brain and stimulates our imagination.

Mental Healing Properties

Tourmaline is useful for balancing the right and left sides of the brain, making it easier to use logic and creativity together.  It is also helpful for exploring our inner beliefs and seeing how they reflect in our outer lives. Anyone who struggles with money or romantic relationships, may benefit enormously be working it.  The grounding and powerful energy makes such explorations feel safe, and this in turn encourages us to look deeper and create positive change.  It is a stone of inspiration and creativity, helping us to make the leaps in logic that lead to simple solutions for complex problems.

Physical Healing Properties

Tourmaline is thought to stimulate the metabolic and immune systems.

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