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Candle Magic For Beginners

Embrace the divine spirit of fire—the essential beginners' guide to candle magic

Are you new to candle magic, but with a burning desire to learn? Light the flame with 
Candle Magic for Beginners, the comprehensive guide to beginning your candle magic practice. With detailed, step-by-step instructions for everything from choosing the right candle to performing the perfect ritual, you'll find everything you need to know to start magically manifesting your goals.

Discover the different types of candles and their ideal uses, and find out how shape, size, color, and burn time can influence your results with candle magic. Learn how to create a sacred altar, prepare your candle for spellwork, and focus your intentions. Select a spell like Mental Health Magic, Kemetic Flame of Protection, Lucky Cat Candle, Aphrodite's Beauty Ritual, or Druid's Circle of Serenity, and get started!

Candle Magic for Beginners, you'll find:
  • 30 Step-by-step spells—Find clear, detailed spells for love, healing, protection, abundance, and enlightenment—all from a variety of traditions.
  • The magic of color—Explore the many purposes of color in candle magic—yellow for insight, pink for compassion, green for success, blue for strength, and more.
  • Complete candle care—Learn step-by-step how to choose, cleanse, charge, consecrate, and dispose of candles used for magical work.

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