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The Beginner Witch's Handbook

Follow Autumn Rose, The Redheaded Witch, as she teaches you the way of the witch and introduces you to a spectrum of spells, including plant magic, folkcraft, kitchen witchery and more. Learn both hands-on skills, such as how to consecrate your tools, and more intangible techniques, like how to meditate and ground your energy. Autumn will guide you through every step, from creating a magical workspace to forming deeper connections with your ancestral guides. Beginner witches will find something new to add to their grimoire with dozens of spells from Autumn's personal collection, as well as suggestions and tips for adjusting traditional spells for modern use. Set aside some time for self-care with a rose-infused Love Thyself Potion or a Speak Kindly Bath Spell. Attract good fortune with a Gingerbread Prosperity Poppet, or protect yourself from bad dreams with an Against Nightmares Charm Bag. Each chapter also ends with journal prompts to inspire and help you define and shape your personal practice. With Autumn's guidance and 30 beginner-friendly spells, rituals and potions, every witch will find new ways to harness their inner power and reimagine their craft.

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